Sang de Boeuf Porcelain Vases

Treasured for their oxblood red drizzled glazes, sang de boeuf  porcelains from China are a most desired porcelain type.
At left, a vase with overlaying umber tones, h. 16″, w. 7″, $275.
Right,  a censor for your incense or joss sticks. This bold ovoid form has four vents at the rim. The bottom, as you can see is open to sit on a sand base which safely held the sticks in place . H11“, w. 10″. $280.
    Important note: Authentic pieces of this type that are antique, as these are,  must exhibit rough bases, as shown here. The glaze would drip onto the bottom of the kiln and attach the vase to the kiln shelf. Then the bottom
would be gently chiseled loose.