Portrait of the Barque Erinna

Ship portraits and the sea always attract our interest and desire. I could not walk away from this gem in such old charming condition. Portrait of the Barque Erinna of Maitland, Nova Scotia, signed “R. B. Spencer” in the lower left. This a well detailed and accurately scaled image of a great British/Canadian ship of the 19th century. Scores of details on the deck are interesting to view as well as a distant shore with a city atop the cliff to the left. Eight other vessels are sailing in the distance. This oil on canvas is in an old heavily patinated surface which has been expertly relined and re-stretched  with repairs to the canvas at the highest skill level. I recommend displaying this piece in the present lovely, warm patina which lends to its authenticity and charm.
24″h X 36″w framed. $2400.