Persian Senneh Carpet -SOLD 

I’ve been hearing about this carpet for months, and, at last, can offer this fine piece to you.  From a local collection where it was held for 30 or so years and before that from a Kenwood estate, this incredible Persian Senneh carpet dates in the late 1800’s and has only become more charming and well colored with the years, (like yourself, of course). These are thin, sophisticated rugs with tight knotting and natural dye tones. Overall, some wear, and also at one end, where the owner’s desk sat, but not to distraction. Sennehs in this size are doubly rare. If you can find another, and I doubt that you will, you will not touch it at my most carefully penned figure of $2950. This unique treasure deserves your attention.
11‘ 5″ x 7’ 10″.