Oil Painting by Bonnington

Oil or gouache and gum painting on canvas, relined and professionally cleaned and revarnished, attributed to Richard Parkes Bonington (25 October 1802 – 23 September 1828).
“Bonington was an English Romantic landscape painter, who moved to France at the age of 14 and can also be considered as a French artist, and an intermediary bringing aspects of English style to France. Becoming, after his very early death, one of the most influential British artists of his time, the facility of his style was inspired by the old masters, yet was entirely modern in its application. His landscapes were mostly of coastal scenes, with a low horizon and large sky, showing a brilliant handling of light and atmosphere. In 1825 he met Eugene Delacroix on a visit with Alexandre-Marie Colin to London, and they sketched together there, and shared a studio for some months in Paris on their return; Delacroix influenced him in turning to historical painting. He also developed a technique mixing watercolour with gouache and gum, achieving an effect close to oil painting. In 1826 he visited northern Italy, staying in Venice for a month, and London again in 1827–8. Bonington died on 23 September 1828 at 29 Tottenham Street in London, aged 25.” (source: Wikipedia)
H. 12″ W. 24″ Fine work at $2750.