Newsletter May 10th, 2011

Hello to all antique adventurers!May10th2011

“Beauty maddens the soul like wine…” -Unknown

Yes, it is our emotions that drive the collecting spirit and give excitement to pursuing beautiful objects. Let me further involve you with our brown-black lacquer tonsu which is randomly decorated with gilt mon as an owner’s mark or crest. The pulls and escutcheons are engraved brass in a bronze patina. This Japanese piece dates to the mid 19th century. The five drawer case has pairs of low side lifts, as well as high carrying straps for a carrying pole. Height 41″, Width 45″, Depth 16″.

Above, an early 20th century bronze chandelier has scroll detail with leafage. Continental. Height, with chain 26″, Depth 16″. Cleaned and rewired.

The baroque pewter candlesticks are seamed construction with turned shafts and scrollwork tripod bases. Continental. Height 18″.

The taller pair of candlesticks is also of seamed brass with a patinaed gilt surface. From the early 1800’s. The shafts are precisely fluted and adorned with leaves. Below, Christian symbols are within triform panels above scroll feet. All held by the rough threaded iron within. Height 29″.

A Chinese 19th century watercolor ancestral portrait has been reframed in a gilt bamboo style frame. The bold colors include lapiz lazul blue ground from stone. 31″x25″.

May I answer further questions or provide more detailed images? We are eager to hear your specific requests.

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