Goodrich Castle Oil on Canvas Signed by Thomas Thomas

Below, oil on canvas signed by Thomas Thomas, English, 19th century, a romantic view of Goodrich Castle.
A splendid example of Medieval military architecture, Goodrich Castle was originally built as a wooden fort shortly after the Norman conquest to maintain control over the Wye valley. It was replaced by a stone castle during the 12th century, and later expanded considerably. In 1646, during the English Civil War, Goodrich was taken by Parliamentary forces, aided by “Roaring Meg,” a large canon cast expressly for that siege, and which is on display at the castle today. Goodrich subsequently fell into ruin, and by the late 18th century had become a picturesque subject for Romantic poetry and paintings. Antique gilt frame. Signed at lower right. Inquire for additional photos of this beautiful scene.
H. 33.5″, w. 49″ overall.