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Late 19th century French Still Life with Shellfish and Game oil on canvas by Raymond Tholer.
Born in Paris November, 1859 Tholer made his debut at the Salon in 1877. He received honorable mention in both the 1882 and 1889 Universal Expositions (source: E. Benezit).
This colorful French feast is being prepared on a stone table with a large party in mind. Details are plentiful with baskets of lobster, shellfish, and small game, including mallard ducks and more. My pictures will not do justice to this beautiful work. You will want to see it in person.
Prepare your largest wall, as this is a sizable canvas 68.5″ by 96″ with frame. Done in the best antique Dutch still life tradition, with the proper style cove frame. The canvas view size is 50.5″ by 78.5″.
For gourmets or Francophiles this painting will give daily rewards reminding one of great parties or past trips to France.
From a local private collection and with an ex-Sotheby’s New York history. $9000.