Folk Art

Dutch Delft Tiles - Dutch Delft tiles originally used in a fireplace surround, from about the year 1720. The scenes are often allegories or parables of period fiction. These have a special feel in their soft colors and glaze. IContinue reading
Wonderful Carved Wooden Figures - Wonderful carved wooden figures dressed in the 18th century fashion. These were likely store figures used to attract customer interest. Each holds a basket and she carries a filet or marketing net. They are painted black over layered,Continue reading
English dummy board -    English dummy board. Perfect to act as a firescreen or as a figure in your hall to appear as an occupant, dummy boards were produced in the 18th and 19th centuries. This  late 19thContinue reading
Italian Painted Cupboard - An Outstanding Italian Painted Cupboard. Our most intriguing new piece comes to us with an Italian history. This baroque painted cupboard has Gothic tones with a window to period costume and style. As an importantContinue reading
3889 – 19th Century “Antiques” Sign - A charming 19th century painted wood ” Antiques” shop sign with later layered paint. Steel banded rim and scroll decoration with steel ring hangers. Ex-Sotheby’s N.Y.  H. 23.5″,  w. 45″.  $450.

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