Category: Antique Art

Happy Buddha Decorative Statue

The Happy Buddha, a symbol of wealth and contentment, rides atop a frog in this playful portrayal made of bronze cast in two parts. 19th or early 20th century Asian. Minor losses. H. 15″, w. 6.5″,Continue reading

Richard Burnier Landscape Painting

A mountainous landscape overlooks a river in this remarkably pleasant scene of farmers attending cattle as the early morning sun sets. The artist, Richard Burnier (1826-1884), was a Dutch genre and landscape painter. In this paintingContinue reading

Arthur V. Diehl Painting

A most pleasant and relaxing scene is by Arthur V. Diehl, an American artist, born in London, (1870-1920). Capturing the peace of  a rising sun as it burns off the morning haze, the cottage isContinue reading

Portrait of the Barque Erinna

Ship portraits and the sea always attract our interest and desire. I could not walk away from this gem in such old charming condition. Portrait of the Barque Erinna of Maitland, Nova Scotia, signed “R. B. Spencer”Continue reading

Winter Scene in Oil on Canvas

Winter scene in oil on canvas with skaters on a pond in front of a timber and lathe home with a thatched roof. This painting is late 19th century, Continental. The trees and branches are doneContinue reading

Joyful Pair of Bronze Figures

Followers of Bacchus. Below, a joyful pair of bronze figures participate in a Bacchanal. She holds a wine cup while the satyr holds a tazza and grapes. Each figure is carefully detailed and finished in darkContinue reading

Bronze of a Playful Clown

Bronze of a playful clown, signed and dated 1905 at the right foot and on a rouge marble base. Loosely sculpted in the Impressionist taste and expressive with the clown holding a ball (reset). H.Continue reading

Monkeys in lithographs, ca 1827. Set of 4

These lithographs are by Carl Joseph Brodtman’s  “Natur-historiche Bilder Gallerie Aus Diem Thierreirche”. Published in 1827. Brodtman’s works rank along with Audubon and Gould as one of the great artists of animal portraits in the 19thContinue reading

Dutch School Still Life Painting

Dutch school still lifeoil on canvas paintings are here in this pair with flowers in full bloom. The lower painting features a Delft jar. Antique gilt frames. Contact us for enlargeable images. Each 21″ xContinue reading

French trumeau, 18th century

This French trumeau is certainly one of the finest we’ve owned. Of substantial size ( h. 70″, w. 48″), the oil painting portrays well animated figures as a window to 18th century French court life.Continue reading

19th century Anglo-Indian model

We offer this 19th century Anglo-Indian model of a palanquin for your enjoyment and transportation planning.  Forego the machinery of the 21st century and make style your priority for the new year. Within the sedanContinue reading

Equestrian portrait — SOLD

Equestrian portrait, 19th or early 20th  century, oil on canvas, by H. A. Driscole, English. A country gentleman’s favorite horse is set again a landscape ground. 18″by 21″with later fine gilt framing. Excellent later giltContinue reading

Bronze by Magrou

 Bronze by Magrou. A Maiden Kneeling beside a Recumbent Lioness, bronze with silver, gilt, and antique finishes on a verde marble separate base. H. 16″, w. 21″, d. 13.5″. by Jean Marie Joseph Magrou, (French, 1869-1945.Continue reading

English dummy board

   English dummy board. Perfect to act as a firescreen or as a figure in your hall to appear as an occupant, dummy boards were produced in the 18th and 19th centuries. This  late 19thContinue reading

19th century marine painting–SOLD

  19th century Chinese marine painting shows an American clipper ship as it approaches Hong Kong harbor. Local ships are at the right with Hong Kong in distant view.  The American flag flies proudly atContinue reading

“Les Chevaux de Marly” bronzes.

Bronze representations of the two famous sculptures representing “Les Chevaux de Marly” with a horse rearing and groom trying to control it.   The originals in Carrara marble, executed between 1743 and 1745 by Guillaume CoustouContinue reading

English genre, 19th century

   This 19th century English oil on wood panel is of a tavern scene depicting an artist who has just drawn a picture of a dozing patron for the amusement of his audience. Professionally cleanedContinue reading

A wooded lake, 19th century

  The quiet view of a woodland lake is viewed in this 19th century oil on canvas, possibly American, on an English canvas. It also has a detailed gilt frame of the period. Yes, youContinue reading

Italian still life, 18th century

 This large Italian 18th or early 19th century still life of an urn with flowers resting amongst classical ruins represents a popular theme of the era. The flowers are boldly brushed and colored  against theContinue reading

15th -17th Century Saint or Angel

A 15th -17th century saint or angel richly carved in bold flourishing strokes has a swirling robe and stands atop a cloud. Probably Italian. Later display blocks as a stand. H. overall 75″, figure only,Continue reading