Category: Antique Art

Walnut Figure of St. Thomas-SOLD

A large sculpted walnut figure of St. Thomas, 14th-16th century survives with carving that expresses the faith and commitment of the carver.  The old polished finish has typical worming and wear for objects of this age. H.Continue reading

Bronze Recumbent Lion Statue

Bronze recumbent lion. A favorite British  icon, the lion passant, rests here on a marble and slate plinth. The lion is carefully detailed and has a most handsome patinaed surface. Here, he turns his headContinue reading

18th Century English Portrait

English 18th century portrait. A young woman poses in a most extravagant gown for this most imposing formal portrait. A fine academic piece. H. 30, w. 25″,  $1700. She will be accompanied by a proper giltContinue reading