Oil or Gouache and Gum Painting on Canvas - Oil or gouache and gum painting on canvas, relined and professionally cleaned and revarnished, attributed to Richard Parkes Bonington (25 October 1802 – 23 September 1828). “Bonington was an English Romantic landscape painter, who moved to France at theContinue reading
Oil on canvas by Alfred de Dreux - Above a Frenchman and his son enjoy a ride in the country. Overall 20″ x 26.25″. Oil on canvas by Alfred de Dreux, born in 1810 into a privileged and colourful family.[1] He was the first childContinue reading
Italian “Capriccio” Oil on Canvas. - Italian “Capriccio” oil on canvas. A “Grand Tour” piece, late 1800s. When an important part of one’s education was to travel to the ancient world, icons of the earliest cultures gave memories as well as evidenceContinue reading
Classical Oil on Canvas, by John Dobbs – SOLD - Classical oil on canvas, by John Dobbs (1931-2011) in the impressionistic mode, Depicting Venus with attendant putti on a chariot on a barge drawn by horses. Entitled “Venus on the Half Shell” and painted by aContinue reading
Portrait Miniature, early 1800s - They will say he was a ship’s captain for his high collared double breasted blue jacket. Of academic quality, apparently in oil paint, with incredible details in his curly locks, shaded tones in his face.Continue reading
Portrait Miniature of the Early 1800s - A stylish young beauty is the subject of the portrait miniature of the early 1800s. With period dress and jewelry, she is carefully painted in detail in this most difficult medium reflecting the work of anContinue reading
16th-17th Oil on Canvas - It’s unusual to find these early works retaining period frames. In this case a wonderful faux marble molding is held by the old hand wrought nails (these were forged individually). In his 16th -17th centuryContinue reading
19th century American Still Life of Jars - 19th century American still life of jars with an antique brass pail and an 18th century type brass and iron skimmer set on a shelf with a cloth. Canvas on board with a 19th century frame.Continue reading
Dutch Delft Tiles - Dutch Delft tiles originally used in a fireplace surround, from about the year 1720. The scenes are often allegories or parables of period fiction. These have a special feel in their soft colors and glaze. IContinue reading
Oil on Canvas by Hodgson 1798-1864 Old Marketplace, Norwich - Oil on canvas by Hodgson 1798-1864 Old Marketplace , Norwich From the L. R. Nightingale collection, Norwich, England “The Pope’s Head Inn, fine ales and London Porter” reads the sign. This most charming marketplace viewContinue reading