Category: Decorative Objects

Carved Walnut Colored Saints

Carved walnut colored saints are of academic quality and style. Even in this small scale, the details are well done and expressive. The lines flow in the folds of the garments. Probably 15th to 16thContinue reading

18th Century Laptop Desk

An 18th century laptop desk in the George III manner. Compact and sophisticated, a shell inlaid lid opens only when the drawer and the roll top are released. Even the tambour top is inlaid. ProperContinue reading

Miniature Mahogany Regency Bureau

This mahogany miniature Regency bureau should leave you beaming from pleasurable anticipation. Perfect is still good enough for your dresser top. The mahogany is blessed with molded and carved details. Flanking reeding is inlaid with light andContinue reading