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There is nothing like a great American canopy or tall post bed that can make a bedroom outstanding instead of just another bedroom. This substantial bit of antique Americana will always be cause for comment and envy as it adds a dynamic aspect to your space. Drama is also a good word to describe the visual appeal here. One of our granddaughters loves this style of bed because she feels that they are enclosing and protective.
This well carved Sheraton example has crisp and well detailed work that is unmatched in later copies and interpretations. Each footpost was turned on a hand powered lathe and then spiral carved using a triangular template to mark the pattern. Note that the original headboard and posts are done in the typical fashion of the earlier beds in which the headposts are pencil cut because they are to be hidden by fabric curtains. The headboard here is cut with scroll outlines at the ends. All is held together with the correct steel bolts. In the period, ropes would be tied across the rails to support a mattress. Now, the bed is set up with later internal steel brackets to hold your mattress or I will include boards cut to hold your mattress atop the hefty side rails. Shown with a modern standard full size mattress and later canopy frame. Overall done in birch with a polished old cherry finish.
Height of posts 66″, overall height with canopy in place is 80″. Overall width 53.5″, length 77″.
Sold complete without fabrics and mattress. Sturdy, like the culture that produced it. $950