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Knight in blue painting

A knight in a blue sash with a medal and wearing a ruff collar is attributed to Raymond Alegre, French, 1857 to 1933. This painting is signed by the artist in the lower left and dated 1892. The signature by the same artist in the lower right has been rubbed. Verso is signed L. MANTE (sic).

The blue sash with a medal likely indicates the Order of the Garter, which is the highest order of the UK honors, knighthood.

The ruff collar originates in medieval times, and was made of linen stiffened with starch, sometimes done of lace as an expensive embellishment. The ruff collar remained part of ceremonial dress until much later.

The hilt of a sword is suggested at his left hand.

The heavily painted image is on a hand planed wooden board with chamfered edges.

Overall height 25 inches width 19 1/4 inches, depth 2 1/4 inches.

$1200 with a superb gilt carved frame.