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Italian still life, 18th century

 This large Italian 18th or early 19th century still life of an urn with flowers resting amongst classical ruins represents a popular theme of the era. The flowers are boldly brushed and colored  against theContinue reading

French country scene, late 19th century

    A charming French country scene previously attributed to George Quincy Thorndike (1825-1886). Thorndike was born in Boston and painted at times in French themes. Here a girl sits in a blooming orchard while cowsContinue reading

Roman capriccio

  A large Roman capriccio of a temple and portico ruin, 17th or 18th century, oil on canvas, in old gilt frame.   Several picturesque figures move among scattered ruins giving scale an dimension toContinue reading

English landscape

Charming English landscape with figures and cattle before a distant bridge and a castle, 18th or early 19th century , oil on tin.  H. 24.25″, w. 29.5″. Call or email for enlargeable images. $1975.

A square rigger on a stormy sea

  A square rigger on a stormy sea, oil on board, late 19th or early 20th century with an excellent 19th century gilt frame. Lively and impressionistic. 21″ by 25′.


      Santos originate in the Spain and its former colonies. Shown is St. James. This is an early carving and 16th-18th century. The carving of his head is quite detailed and some old paintContinue reading

15th -17th Century Saint or Angel

A 15th -17th century saint or angel richly carved in bold flourishing strokes has a swirling robe and stands atop a cloud. Probably Italian. Later display blocks as a stand. H. overall 75″, figure only,Continue reading

Asian Design Black Lacquer on Leather Screen

  Asian design black lacquer on leather screen, 18th or early 19th century. Crisp decoration features pagodas and exotic creatures against  a landscape ground. Complete with four panels. Later mounted on hardboard for preservation withContinue reading

American ship “Wildwood”

The American ship “Wildwood”was painted on board in 1867 (noted on the painting, lower left). She sails with her sails taut on a lively sea under a midday sun. Titled and dated , lower left. Continue reading

Italian Mache” Putti

An Italian putti in mache’, 19th or early 20th century. This rendering is done to appear as carved stone which it successfully does in soft natural tones. Restored and with a separate iron stand. PuttiContinue reading

English Oil Landscape, 19th Century

       A very pleasant and engaging signed English oil on canvas by A. Beattie with his signature at lower center. Arthur Beattie is listed as a 19th century British landscape painter. Here travelersContinue reading

5453 – Oil on Canvas, Forest Scene

An American 19th century landscape in oil on canvas, initialed and dated in the lower right corner. Here a sunlit forest clearing bounds a river. H. 13′, w. 21″. $375.

4566- 17th Century Italian Oil on Canvas

A 17th century oil on canvas, probably Italian, in an old surface and retaining an old and appealing gilt frame. Relined and restored. 28″ by 34″ overall. $1850

4442 – Pair of Gouaches of “The Abydus”

The ship the Abydus, sailed in the last half of the 19th century under the British red flag. Painted by Thomaso de Simmone or one of his contemporaries, this carefully painted gouache shows strong, brilliant colors with crisp details found typically in thisContinue reading

3283 – Bacchante Statue

Let your Spring outdoors party begin with our sweet Bacchante who will be a most welcome reveler with her tambourine in hand. Her form is in a graceful turn as she welcomes your guests. MadeContinue reading

3062 – Five Goddesses

The gathering of goddesses above is a huge piece, measuring overall 36 1/2″ by 76″ and sight 33 1/2″ by 73″. This European school canvas is relined and is very well framed in a laterContinue reading

2824 – Italian Port Scene

Italian 17th or 18th century port scene. This scene has plentiful details of people, architecture, birds, boats and more. The blue sky carries puffy white clouds above this most interesting view. Please email us forContinue reading

5149- 19th Century Portrait

Portrait of a lovely young girl in a white dress against a blue sky. Artist’s board with later frame. Mid 19th century. Image 9” X 12’. $395.

9235- American Scene

  American scene on board, 19th century, probably Hudson River Valley. 11 ½” X 15 ½” overall. A couple at shore views sunbeams highlighting a distant town. Period gilt cove frame. $495.