#4468- Rare Blown Glass

DSC_0899 DSC_0900

Above, from two private collections, is a rare group of late 18th or early 19th century American blown glass. As you know, the hot molten glass was blown into molds and then finished as it cooled.

At left are two goblets, one in a quilted pattern, the other in a swirl. Height 3.5″ each, $150 for the companion pair.
At right, is are three mold blown decanters, one in the sunburst pattern. Could you use the larger for whiskey and the smaller for sweet vermouth? You might have to love Manhattans (the English drink with nothing to do with NYC except its popularity there). Height 8.5′ and 5.5″, the .
now matched ( I use the British meaning here) set, $200.

#4326 – Eisenhower Globe

DSC_0888 image001

I was first impressed by this huge globe 20 years ago in a lovely mansion here in St. Paul. After storage of almost equal length, this robust and rather Art Deco style model is now available to you.
Called by some” the Eisenhower globe” because the black and white photo of him with a similar globe standing and pondering the world.

Considered by some to be the most sought after floor globe, this model was sold in the mid 20th century as the “executive model” or a ” boardroom” globe. Perhaps “chief executive ” would have been more accurate.

Now offered by us for your personal or business use and enjoyment, this could be the the dynamic point of interest in your study or offices where thoughts of world affairs and travel are often shared.

The globe diameter is 32″ on a dark mahogany lobed oblong stand with overall length of 40″. The index rings are cast brass on scrolled cast brass terminals over reeded standards. For convenience, casters are hidden underneath. Minor flaws.
You may have difficulty finding any large globe of this quality. Provenance available. $1995.

#6526- Italian Blackamoor

6526-0-2 6526-0
The blackamoor is 18th or 19th century Italian and can be easily pictured in a Venetian hallway. These figures often held lights. This one in particular holds a candelabra (not shown in this image) off her shoulder and a candleholder in her open hand. The coloring is robust and detailed. Height is 41″ without the candelabra. Click images to enlarge.