#3283 – Bacchante Statue

DSC_0874 DSC_0875

Let your Spring outdoors party begin with our sweet Bacchante who will be a most welcome reveler with her tambourine in hand. Her form is in a graceful turn as she welcomes your guests. Made of cast lead in the 19th century, most likely in England, this statue shows remnants of old decorative paint and natural moss on the the weathered surface. Lead has been said to be the best of materials for garden statuary. Height 57″.

#6526- Italian Blackamoor

6526-0-2 6526-0
The blackamoor is 18th or 19th century Italian and can be easily pictured in a Venetian hallway. These figures often held lights. This one in particular holds a candelabra (not shown in this image) off her shoulder and a candleholder in her open hand. The coloring is robust and detailed. Height is 41″ without the candelabra. Click images to enlarge.