Category: Carpets

Indian Peshawar carpet

Indian Peshawar hand tied carpet, late 20th century, room sized, with overall stylized floral designs on a cream ground.  11′ 6″ x 15′.

Karajeh oriental rug, old 20th century

A small room sized oriental rug with stylized geometric decoration.  Colored in reds and blues on cream. Karajeh, old 20th century, with reasonably  even wear. 7′ 5″ x 10′ 4″.

Tekke Bohkara rug

Small Tekke Bohkara, early 20th century with even pile, minor repair. I used to collect Bohkaras and I always enjoyed their warm reds and geometric designs. 41″ x 52″.

Afghan rug in the Bohkara tradition

Afghan in the Bohkara tradition, late 19th or early 20th century. This is a room size flat weave piece with a repeating field and attractive borderwork. Generally even wear with minor unevenness to the center.Continue reading

Senna rug, 19th century

A 19th century Senna rug with finest knotting. These feel like sandpaper if you brush across the pile in one direction. Age and use is evident here (minor losses) but not great distraction from thisContinue reading

Guendje runner

Guendje runner, Southwest Caucasus, ca. 1900. in good order. 7′ by 3′ 11″.  $895.

Isfahan carpet

   Isfahan carpet in very nice condition,  mid 20th century. Rare ivory ground. 10′ 6″  x 19′ 6″.  More images on request. $2800.

Persian rug, early 20th century

  A finely woven Persian rug  in an overall floral pattern on an ivory ground. Early 20th century. Even pile. 59″ by 41.5″. $600.

Oushak Carpet

Perhaps you need something larger for your palace? Please help me unroll yet another “palace sized” carpet. This huge Oushak is late 20th century and in very nice condition, with a cleaning, before it wasContinue reading

4342- Senna with Diamond Field

Finely woven Senna with diamond shaped field. Late 19th century and in very nice condition.  Protective fringe added. 80.5” x 51”. $ 1475.