#4337 – Sack Back Windsor Armchair

DSC_0891 DSC_0892

Here is the first painted American sack back Windsor armchair that I’ve had in some time. Legs and arm supports are boldly turned in a true Windsor turning with the arms terminating in carved knuckles. This is a late 18th century example in a most desirable old painted finish with layers of paint history. Old black is over older green and ocher layers in an alligator finish. There are no major replacements to this chair and only minor repair.

#4216 – Baltimore Wing Chair

DSC_0895 DSC_0896

This Baltimore wing chair is a late 18th or early 19th century example with all the textbook Baltimore features such as flaring arms that rake to the front. Years ago I saw the frame before upholstery with a correct Baltimore maker’s label on the back rail. This is now under the diligent work of an eager upholsterer. W. 36″ overall, h. 44″. Much excitement and pleasure for little money , $1250. Alteration.

#2264 – Queen Anne Highboy

DSC_0896 DSC_0897

An exciting local discovery of fine quality, a cherry American Queen Anne highboy circa 1740-1790 in very good condition with only minor old repairs. The brasses are appropriate in style but later. This a desirable drawer and fan arrangement and a fine, well sculpted and balanced cabriole leg with pad foot on a highboy of excellent proportion.  Descended in the Truesdale family of Connecticut. Available history to purchaser. H. 74″, w. 40″, d. 21″.